Welcome to website of the final WORKSHOP of the ANTARES project, which will be held on November 21st - 22nd 2012 in Milan, Italy.

The participation to the ANTARES Workshop is free and only by invitation. To register click here.

The congress deals with the following topics:
  • Are there good QSARs and if yes for which endpoints?
  • Which are the results for different QSAR models for the same endpoint?
  • Which are the results of QSAR on evaluated chemicals (external test set)?
  • How to find and describe the applicability domain of a model?
  • How to integrate QSAR and read across?

The agenda of the Workshop is available in the programme section.

The EC funded ANTARES project evaluated more than 50 QSAR models on many endpoints. For some endpoints existing QSAR models seem not valid, while for others results are good.

The evaluation has been done using large sets of chemicals. We evaluated results considering the predictions for chemicals not present in the training set.

We also tested the applicability domain of the best models, and results for different chemical classes.

Finally, we evaluated how to integrate different models, and read across.

Alternative Non-Testing methods Assessed for REACH Substances
ANTARES - Grant Agreement LIFE08 ENV/IT/00435

The ANTARES project was born due to the need of verifying the use and potentials of alternative methods (QSAR and read across) to animal testing for the REACH regulation.

For this purpose it is necessary to understand and clarify the requirements and limitations of REACH for the alternative methods. It is also important to identify which are the factors and applicability domain for a safe use of these methods.

The diffusion and continuous improvement of alternative methods can not disregard the integration and harmonization between theme. A capillary and specific dissemination of their results it is also neccessary.


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